Dental Specialties

Dental Specialties

Root canals are usually performed by endodontists, people who specializes in saving teeth. It is quite rare to find someone who is well-rounded in the field of dentistry. A great case in point would be Dr. Mansour Zakhor, a cosmetic and emergency dentist. He can perform root canalsand other numerous dental services to his clients round the clock at his Westwood dentalclinic. Aside from root canals, this “dentist-to-the-stars” performs veneersimplants, braces,Invisalign, ClearCorrect, teeth whitening, tooth extraction and gum reshaping. He advises patients to prevent from having tooth decay by changing our lifestyles to healthier ones. He advises us to eat food rich in sugar and carbs moderately as bacteria feed on sugar. These bacteria that feed on sugar can cause plaque, which causes decay. Moreover, it is imperative to brush frequently and floss everyday. In addition, it is a must to hydrate the mouth as having a dry mouth can cause tooth decay as well. People with diabetes are candidates for tooth decay; thus, they must seek dental help at all times. And second hand smokers, beware, as you guys are candidates for decay as well. For more pieces of advice and preventative treatments, you can visit his clinic. Dr. Zakhor is truly someone who cares for his patients. It is not surprising that there are numerous positive reviews about him online. He once left a friend’s wedding just to attend an emergent situation. He even gave up his holiday just to be with his patients. He is clearly well-rounded because aside from his dental expertise, he has a heart.


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